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Innovative Energy Solutions: Pioneering Green Energy with Autonomous Robotics


Since 2006, the Western Australia Innovator of the Year (WAIOTY) Awards have celebrated innovation, serving as a launchpad for success. By honoring visionaries, they provide recognition and credibility, fueling growth. Awardees access funding, networking, and training, forging pathways to prosperity. In an innovation-driven era, WAIOTY spotlights future-shaping trailblazers.

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Finalists receive training in pitching, mentoring, digital strategy, and legal guidance. The nominees  in this distinguished award compete across five categories:

  • Rio Tinto Emerging Innovation

  • Rio Tinto Growth Innovation

  • Woodside Energy Platinum Award for Energy Innovation

  • Wesfarmers Wellbeing Platinum Award

  • Business News ‘Great for the State Platinum Award

Among 17 finalists in this year's event, Innovative Energy Solutions is nominated for two awards: Woodside Energy Platinum Award for Energy Innovation and Rio Tinto Growth Category (Post-Revenue).


Innovative Energy Solutions' dedicated division, Solar Energy Robotics, drives our mission to revolutionise green energy. Through the power of autonomous robotics, we're amplifying reliable green solutions, particularly in dusty mine sectors. The honor of dual-category nominations and acknowledgment in Stephen Dawson's announcement showcases our unyielding commitment to advancing sustainable energy, even in demanding conditions.

Our trajectory is marked by unwavering determination, propelling us forward with every stride.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our mentors, whose invaluable guidance propels us toward excellence: Peter Rossdeutscher, Peter Clarke, Brett Savill, Kylah Morrison, Lina Velosa, Paula Taylor, and Mike Lomman.

Equally, we extend our appreciation to the government, esteemed research institutions, and industry stakeholders: 

Rio Tinto, Woodside Energy, QuantumTX, AusIndustry, Curtin University, Innovation Central Perth, Australian Centre for Robotics; CORE Innovation Hub, Austmine, Roy Hill, FortescueFortescue Metals Group LTD, Cloud Break


Your steadfast support has been pivotal.

The journey doesn't stop here – let's continue this momentum together, pushing boundaries, and illuminating the path towards a sustainable and innovative future.

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