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Clean Energy Champions: Innovative Energy Solutions and Solar Energy Robotics Win WA Innovator of the Year Award

Innovative Energy Solutions and Solar Energy Robotics shine in WA Innovator of the Year Awards 2023.

In a night filled with excitement and celebration, Innovative Energy Solutions (IES) and Solar Energy Robotics (SER) proudly clinched the prestigious WA Innovator of the Year award in the coveted "Woodside Energy Platinum Award for Energy Innovation" category, represented by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the unwavering commitment to advancing the global energy transition toward net-zero emissions.

The award ceremony, held at the scenic Fraser's restaurant in Kings Park, overlooking the picturesque Perth City and the Swan River, was more than just a recognition event; it marked the culmination of dedicated efforts by the IES and SER teams. With team members dispersed across mine sites in Western Australia, the Pilbara workshop, and the Perth-based Australian headquarters, this accolade underscores the collective dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Addressing Challenges in the Australian Mining Industry

As the Australian mining industry undergoes a transition to renewable energy, challenges such as dust accumulation on solar panels have emerged. The efficiency and reliability of solar panels are compromised when dust settles on their surfaces. Traditional cleaning methods, whether manual or water-based robotic systems, are time-intensive and often impractical, particularly in remote areas where water resources are scarce.

IES has risen to the challenge by developing an autonomous solar dry cleaning robot designed to tackle these issues head-on. Ben Brayford, CEO of Solar Energy Robotics, explained, "Cleaner will clean the panels on a daily basis or even twice a day as frequently as needed and keeps the panels nice and clean to years on end. That means the power supply charging the batteries repairing the critical infrastructure is more reliable, keeping the production up."

Acknowledging Support from the WA Government

IES and SER recognize the invaluable support of the WA government, which actively promotes innovation through initiatives like the Innovator of the Year (IOTY) program as part of the Diversify WA plan. The 10-week training program offered expert mentoring, preparing innovative WA companies to scale globally.

The government's commitment to fostering the innovation ecosystem aligns with the Diversify WA plan, featuring initiatives such as the Commercialization Bridge Grant, an expanded Innovation Booster Grant, and the Industry Attraction fund.

Special thanks were extended to key figures within the WA government, including Stephen Dawson, Linda Dawson, Charlie Gunningham, Janet Simmons, Ivana Deng, and Farzaneh (Freya) Eslamloo, for hosting the incredible IOTY program and awards night. The IES and SER teams expressed gratitude to Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist of WA, Woodside Energy for presenting the "Woodside Energy Platinum Award for Energy Innovation," and Gabrielle Pennock for the honor.

Major appreciation was also extended to Rio Tinto, represented by Neil Freeman, for being a key sponsor of the IOTY program, and to Tim McMillan from Seven Network for hosting the event.


In accepting this award, IES and SER emphasized that this achievement belongs to the entire team, including mentors, advisors, and supporters. Special mention to: Dave Alexander, Peter Rossdeutscher FAICD. AFIEAust. IDP-C, Brenton Siviour, Aaron Gunton, and Ryan Jefferis.

Congratulations were extended to all the finalists, marking a collective success in pushing the boundaries of innovation in energy solutions.

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