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Solar Energy Robotics at AARP Open Day

SolarEnergyRobotics-Promo Video_AARP Precinct
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Solar Energy Robotics were invited to the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP) Open Day to demonstrate the Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robotics alongside other Innovators from the resources sector.

The AARP is a huge 51 Ha purpose-built area is designed for testing autonomous robotics and will soon become one of the largest and busiest robotics testing precincts in the world. The precinct has allowed us to test our Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robot (ASCR) in real-world conditions and provide demonstrations to major clients in the resources and renewable energy sectors.

The investment in the precinct  is a big commitment from our government to grow the robotics technology industry in Western Australia and presents an opportunity to build prosperity through robotic technologies that have a positive impact, especially those aiding the global energy transition to net-zero.


We thank our partners in the Australian mining industry, government, and research institutions for their support, especially the CORE Innovation Hub and Development WA for inviting us to be part of the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct.”

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